Featured TV Show: Do you find yourself feeling powerless and unsure of what direction to go in your life? You're not alone. 

With Desiree Scherini Best Selling Author

Life's ever changing landscape can leave us feeling lost and afraid at times.

The answer to moving from pain to power is found in personal insight that reveals your true hearts desire.

 In "Journey to Joy - The Written Path", author, Desiree Holmes Scherini offers hope, guidance and tools that will help you do just that. Using intuitive writing at a difficult time in her own life led her to the Ah Ha! moments that she needed. 

About Desiree Scherini:

Desiree Holmes Scherini is a Life Strategist with Certifications in Neuro-linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy, as well as other ancient and cutting edge therapies that she calls on for use with her clients and herself. She is also an Artist and Intuitive, who has learned to listen to her inner voice, and she encourages and teaches others to hear theirs. Inspired by her own experience and work with clients, she developed The Intuitive Insight Process which uses writing, art and meditation to gain personal understanding.

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