Featured TV Show: Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be?: How To Step Into Your Highest Purpose

With Jena Harris Best Selling Author


We are all conditioned from a young age to conform, fit, and lose our identity as if something is wrong with who we are. We are told to blend in and not stand out from our peers, yet those are the very qualities that bring happiness and joy.

So what has this caused?

This has led many people to living an unfulfilled and unhappy life. They lack joy and excitement and many times don’t even know what it is that will make them happy. In our fast paced world we are taught to not listen to our own intuition and to make decisions that are best for our individual needs and desires. We are taught that success and happiness has to look a certain way. This has all led to what Jena calls a “ cookie cutter world”. So many people trying to be like each other and leading people to feel lost, disconnected, and stuck in their lives.

So, what if you were able to create your own rules? What if you were to be given a pen to re-write your story, one that has happiness and passion carved into it?

Are you ready to turn up the dial on your life? To infuse your life with increased joy, more meaningful relationships, and to live a more fulfilled life where you wake up everyday, saying yes to life aligning you to your highest purpose! Do you crave to live a more spiritually driven, authentic, and conscious life?

~ Do you feel disconnected, uninspired or unmotivated in your life?

~ Do you feel like you don’t know what your life mission or purpose is?

~ Or have you asked yourself questions like “Is this all there is” and feeling like your stuck or that you have somehow lost yourself?

In this segment you will begin to learn:

  • How to connect to the things that make you happy, that light your spirit up and get you excited to wake up each and every day.
  • To explore the things in your life that has led you to feeling disconnected or out of alignment to living your best life, your highest purpose. 
  • Three simple Shift~Align~Transform Techniques© to help you in your journey to expand more happiness, deeper fulfillment, and increased energy.
  • You will go through a mini-meditation to relax your body, mind, and spirit, so you will walk away from this segment feeling the benefits of the mini-meditation today!

Jena shares her unique story to help you so you can easily connect and identify your own triggers that has led you to feeling disconnected. She has provided simple SAT techniques and insights to help navigate you toward creating your own Blissfully Extraordinary Life. Join Jena as she helps you connect to your inner wonder woman wisdom!

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About the author: Jena Harris is a transformational spiritual teacher, women’s empowerment visionary, expert in conscious living, and an energetic healing facilitator. She is the Founder of Sisterhood Connections and offers classes, group workshops, and events in SEA where she is transforming women’s lives all around the world. Jena is the author of the best selling book “Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be: How to Step Into Your Highest Purpose In a Cookie Cutter World” also "44 Days Returning To Love" and "Manifest Your Power Partner". She has taken her depth of knowledge and her own spiritual journey to create her own special recipe Shift~Align~Transform Techniques that she teaches in all of the work that she does.