Featured TV Show: The Secret to Your Future History  The Dream Realisation Technique

With Alan Jones, PhD, Best Selling Author & Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Welcome to my TV show. In this show we will explore the key ideas in the book The Secret to Your Future History and discuss the key features of the Dream Realisation Technique.

This video and the book it supports, can be described as a self-help, self-development product, but I think it is this and much more.

Each of the methods which comprise the Dream Realisation Technique are supported by Psychological Research. The approach is the result of over twenty years of experience in coaching and training where aspects of the overall model presented here have been tried and tested.

This video covers the key sections of the book:

  • Happiness - the quest for happiness
  • Stories - personal reality
  • Motivation - getting going
  • Decisions - making choices
  • Shifting - creating future history
  • Change - the universal constant
  • Spirituality - connectedness

It starts by assuming that ‘happiness’ or what we could call personal ‘peace’ or ‘tranquility’ is at the core of an individual’s desires. That ‘happiness’ can be defined as being, living and working in a way that is line with your core values, attitudes and beliefs.

The remaining sections are the six considerations which help you create empowering Future Histories – they are the components of the Dream Realisation Technique.

The video offers an exploration of these considerations and offers a series of questions and provocations for you to consider.

There will be an opportunity to explore some of these core areas in the boot-camp which develops these approaches and supports you in defining and creating your own Future History.

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About Alan:

Dr Alan Jones is an NLP Trainer, Speaker, Coach and Writer.

His PhD is in Psychology and he has formal training in Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Education. Winner of two Innovation Awards for Education (Learner Motivation and Peer Mentoring), an Inspiring Human Potential Award and now Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Alan is an Accredited De Bono Thinking Skills Consultant as well as a Master Trainer in NLP.

He is also co-founder of the Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick, Reiki Master and Trustee for the Pagan Aid Charity.