Featured TV Show: How can you make your workplace, your home and the world a better place?

With Andrea Reibmayr Best Selling Author

The foundational piece is – Trust. You can be trustworthy, do the work to create, build and maintain trust, and have trust in your home, work and community. It all starts with YOU. 

In this TV segment, you will learn:

  • What world thought leaders and research shows is needed in creating trust and building strong leaders in businesses, families and communities.
  • How you can become more self-aware and recognize your greatness.
  • What Mindfulness is and how to use it to improve your life
  • How to leverage your emotional intelligence, strengths and relationship to build more trust.
  • How to go from a fear-based leadership style to a love-based leadership style
  • How to communicate more effectively in all areas of your life.
  • Energy is a crucial piece of the trust model and you will learn the different ways that energy can work for you rather than against you.

About Andrea Reibmayr:

Andrea has found that people do not work for a job but for a purpose. The foundation of coaching and leading self is self-awareness. This is essential to learn and practice in order to build trust and create an environment of dignity and respect for you and your client. Awareness also encompasses others and the system.  When there is a breakdown in the system your business suffers. Building trust, being aware of how you manage yourself and others, the energy you bring to your practice and how you communicate will create a more authentic and productive coaching business. Trust is key in developing and fostering relationships with others. As a coach Andrea co-creates with the client the transformation to lead with their head and heart. Andrea is an avid lifelong learner, wanna be yogi, and nature lover. She is celebrating her twenty-fifth anniversary with her husband, Dr. Graham Elder, a man of many talents such as compassion, love and patience. She is a proud mom of Emily and Charlie – her evolving projects of love.

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