Featured TV Show: Defining Moments

With Anna Stapleton Best Selling Author

Defining Moments: “Reclaim Your Power & Live The Life You Love” is a Life Coaching Process based on the book with the same name and is biographical in nature. The book is the result of over 40 years of a life well lived. Well lived does not mean easy or comfortable or pain free.  In the book, the author shares her own experiences and how she dealt with them. At the same time, she invites the readers to find their own examples and discover for themselves how they would deal with them.

The book was inspired by the curiosity of finding out what it would take to have a world that works for everyone and why wait for the wake-up call when we could stop by design and create our lives? 

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About Anna:

The author is also committed to promoting Life Coaching as a profession and emphasise the importance of having some one, outside of yourself, who can reflect back what you cannot see or observe and, finally, can hold you accountable.

You will be invited to look into your life and ask yourself questions like:

·        What is it that frustrates me?

·        What does it take to go beyond what I am dealing with on a day to day basis?

·        How come that, despite my best intentions and efforts, things don’t seem to move forward?

The author provides guidance on how to powerfully deal with the challenges of daily living: career challenges, relationship issues, ageing, children leaving home, the arrival of grandchildren and retirement.

There are events in life that happen – it is part of being alive. There is no problem when things go well and according to plan, however far too often circumstances take our power away because they are contrary to what we want and, consequently, we suffer.

The point is that we do not have to suffer. Suffering is a state of mind.  Of course, there will be sad and heart-breaking occasions when it will be difficult. However, there is a difference between suffering as a way of dealing with life events and the suffering as part of experiencing oneself as a victim of circumstances.