Featured TV Show: I Am In My Life For Keeps...  

With Heather Lagace Best Selling Author


How can you live your best self regardless of the conditions of your life?   

  • Do you feel at the mercy of outside circumstances over which you have little or no control?
  • Does your stress level go up and down depending on the choices other people make?
  • Do you wish for something in your life that you feel is currently out of reach?
  • Thriving is not a matter of chance or circumstances; it helpful thinking and action.

Would you like to begin to thrive in your life today?

This free teaching segment will clarify the blocks most people have to thriving in their own lives. When you listen to the specific actions you can take to be in your life for keeps, you will thrive despite all else.

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About Heather: Over the last twenty-three years, Heather Lagace has had a dual career as and a Licensed Professional Counselor and an Adjunct Professor. She maintains a private counseling practice in Granby, CT, and teaches for both the University of Hartford and the University of Connecticut. Heather has also provided groups and presentations on various wellness topics to community and corporate groups as well as professional conferences over the last two decades.