Featured TV Show: The Money Vibe

With Jackie Woodside Best Selling Author

  • What if reaching the next level of success and financial abundance is only a simple shift away?
  • The Money Vibe TV show teaches you that how to achieve the financial freedom that you desire and deserve.
  • You will learn what financial freedom really means and how you can attain it much faster than you think.

Regardless of where you are in life right now, you desire more. You have an innate guidance system that pushes you to grow and reach for the next highest level of development and success. That may mean starting a new business concept, going for a promotion at your job, or having the courage to walk away from your job all together. You need to know how to find the path to get where you want to go in life.

You can learn how to get where you want to be and how to start! It all begins with addressing your Vibe! Your Vibe consists of your inner world of BELIEFS, EMOTIONS, ATTITUDES, and THOUGHTS – or your “BEAT” for short. When you learn to master your BEAT, you begin living a high vibe life which creates the conditions for miracles and flow in your life like you have never experienced before! How do I know? Because it has been my story and I have guided thousands of other people toward the same experience. These practical approaches are backed by scientific research and they work!

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About Jackie:

Jackie Woodside is a certified professional coach and licensed psychotherapist with over 25 years experience in both fields. She has authored two best-selling books, “Calming the Chaos: A Soulful Guide to Managing Your Energy Rather than Your Time” and “Time for a Change: Essential Skills for Managing the Inevitable.” Inc. Magazine selected her book “Calming the Chaos” as one of the top ten motivational books of 2015.

Jackie is the founder of the Curriculum for Conscious Living, a three-part transformational program that supports high-energy, successful people in creating their life by design and living in the domain of miracles.

Jackie leads spiritual retreats, offers professional development training and keynote speeches internationally. She delivered her first TED talk in 2012 at TEDxWaldenPond and her talk has been highly acclaimed and reviewed. She has been a guest faculty member at the Unity Institute and Seminary and has been on the faculty of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services Mentoring and Leadership program.