Featured TV Show: Delivering Authentic Customer Experiences

with Jacky Leonard Best Selling Author

  • The small business guide to turning principles into profit.
  • Would you like to consistently and cost effectively encourage your customers to use more of your services, more often?
  • We live in a competitive world, so whatever service you offer, chances are someone else is providing a similar experience or solution just around the corner.
  • Good clients are hard to come by and often costly to attract, so once they’ve chosen you as their preferred supplier, be honoured, be grateful and be mindful that they can and will switch allegiance if you fail to meet their expectations.
  • The latest research suggests customers are fed up with empty promises and are seeking more personalised, relevant and authentic experiences.
  • This is a valuable show for independent professionals and owners or managers of SME's (small/medium sized enterprises) that offer services, solutions or experiences to their customers.