Featured TV Show: The Relationship Coach - Four Foundational Skills for Your Dream Relationship

With John Sullivan Best Selling Author

I am a relationship coach who believes the tools are available in today’s world for you to have the relationship of your dreams.

I teach a 3 Step Process to help couples achieve just that. This is not just theory for me, it is very personal. 28 years ago, my wife and I separated after 15 years of marriage. It was over. At that time we were introduced to the same 3 Step Process I teach now, and here we are celebrating our 43 anniversary this year

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About John:

John was a high school teacher and coach, as well as a counsellor and head coach of the St. Clair College Saints hockey team. He married his wife Crystal and they spent six years in Zambia, Central Africa. The first three years were spent teaching at the secondary school level and the last three working at the National Level on two different projects.
Upon returning to Canada, John again worked at St. Clair College as a counsellor and professor while completing his Masters of Counselling Psychology. Later, he was personally trained by Dr. Harville Hendrix, the creator of Imago Relationship Therapy, as both an Imago Therapist and as a Getting the Love You Want workshop presenter. He has been giving workshops and seeing clients around the States and Canada for the past 28 years.
John passionately believes the tools are available in today’s world to allow couples to create the relationship they truly want, and has combined his years of experience teaching, coaching and counselling to help couples do just that. “I prefer the term coach, to therapist or counsellor, as the connotation around those words is that there is something wrong with a person; whereas, as a coach, there is nothing wrong with my players, but sometimes what they are doing is not working. I believe the same is true of relationships.”