Bodies, Boundaries & Delight: A 3-Step Empowerment System
for Parents and Professionals of Children Aged 0-5

With Julia Saunders, MEd &  Best Selling Author 

  • Our children need sex, bodies, and boundaries information, comprehension and tools in advance of ever actually using them, to best be prepared to handle the ravages of the social world. How do we start? What do we say?
  • Discover how to make complex topics like sexuality, bodies, and boundaries an easy and comfortable subject in your home or where you work with children.
  • Learn how to teach children to make safe, positive choices for themselves, stay safer in the face of predators, bullies and abusers – in their daycare, playgrounds, on playdates or sleepovers.
  • Help children develop high self-esteem, good body image, confidence, and the ability to make and keep healthy friendships.