Featured TV Show: The first step towards living that light, joyful life full of confidence. 

With Nancy Martin Best Selling Author

In this TV segment (above) with Nancy, you will learn why she has such a passion for empowering women and girls.

  • Why it is that the current ways of fighting misogyny aren’t working as effectively as we would like
  • What the solution is to fighting misogyny in our society, how to eliminate discrimination and abuse directed toward you, and what your life can look like after applying her practices.
  • Misogyny - dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

Nancy has come from a life of darkness, repeated abuse, and little to no self esteem and has turned it around. She now lives a life of lightness, confidence, authenticity, and joy! She is able to do what is right for her (which sometimes means putting herself first) without guilt. She is confident in the decisions she makes and no longer puts on a show, changing her personality, to fit those she is around.

She lives her life completely authentically. And you can too!

This segment is the first step towards living that light, joyful life full of confidence.

About Nancy:

After being trained in Ontological (the whole being) Coaching, Nancy finds herself combining her unique set of trainings, talents, and skills to help those needing that push to be more confident and effective, working with them to get what they want in business and life. Nancy is grateful for her work as a coach/consultant/speaker and is especially grateful for those that trust her to work with them.

Nancy also enjoys taking her “Core Confidence” and “Emotional Choice” Trainings to community groups, schools, women’s clubs, and conferences to help spread her message that overcoming and preventing abuse can be done with lightness and care instead of resentment and anger.

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