Are you stuck in the pain, anxiety, guilt, or grief of a divorce or breakup? We’ve been there!

Featured TV Show: The Healing Heart Protocol:

A 5-Step cure to help you release your pain & reclaim your life

With Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres Best Selling Authors

Feeling stuck in the pain of a breakup or divorce? You're not alone. Over a decade ago, we went through a divorce that rocked our worlds—both inside and out!  Our divorce started with the typical feelings of bitterness, resentment, guilt, and hurt.  After going down that painful road we eventually decided that – for the sake of our son and our own physical, emotional, and mental well-being – there had to be a better way forward.

A massive U-turn occurred when we applied five ancient principles used for healing to our own divorce.  It is these 5 principles that form the base of our Healing Heart Protocol

Whenever you are going through an intense loss like this, it’s important to get guidance from people who’ve gone through it themselves.  We know first-hand what it’s like to experience the emotional turmoil that takes place when a relationship ends.  Our entire Healing Heart Protocol is based on tried and true methods we used during our own divorce combined with decades of our work with people in personal growth intensives and individual coaching sessions. 

Our protocol is a 5-step cure designed to help you release your pain and reclaim your life.


·          Step 1: FREE your Heart:  Release the emotional baggage & turmoil that occurs at the end of a relationship.

·          Step 2: RECLAIM your Clarity:  Learn how your breakup is a doorway into profound healing & transformation.

·          Step 3: OPEN to Love: Unleash the power of the heart to make yourself available to love again.

·          Step 4: COMPLETE the Past:  Bring conscious closure to the past so that you’re truly ready to move forward.

·          Step 5: CREATE Your New Life: Learn the power of intention so you can consciously create your future.

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About Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres :

Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres are Co-Founders of The Inner Journey Institute and have worked in the field of adult education and personal transformation since 1984 and 1995, respectively.  Since 1999, The Inner Journey Institute has delivered personal growth seminars throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

The curriculum includes over 100 workshops that offer strategies and solutions in the areas of relationship, separation and divorce, gender differences, family dynamics, compassionate communication, and spirituality.  Their work has assisted thousands of people transform their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

In 2006, Michael and Neelama went through their own divorce and co-authored a memoir entitled Divorced with Love to assist people who want to separate with greater integrity, compassion, and consciousness.   After their own divorce, they developed The Healing Heart Protocol:  A 5 Step Cure to help people that are going through a breakup or separation release their pain and reclaim their life.  This protocol is the cornerstone of their online course, as well as the process used in their live Divorce with Love Intensive.