Featured TV Show: The Happiness Hacker

with Patricia Maddalena Best Selling Author


  • Best Selling Author Patricia Maddalena begins to reveals The Absolute Essentials For Creating A Happy And Successful Life.
  • There is one reason and one reason only why we keep repeating the same dysfunctional behaviour in our lives and our relationships, why we keep attracting the wrong kind of people and why we systematically close ourselves down to Love.
  • It is the same reason that has us bouncing from counsellor to counsellor and devouring every self-help book that there is.
  • It is even responsible for that deep dissatisfaction we can feel when we have it all!
  • This one reason, once you have addressed it, will heal and change everything, and that reason is a Disconnection to Self.
  • Then, the feeling of True Happiness, of being Happy inside your own body, of being Happy ‘just because’ and not because of anything or anyone outside yourself, happens.
  • And that feeling, well, that feeling is simply priceless!

About Patricia Maddalena:

Patricia Maddalena is a number 1 best selling author, the founder and creator of the Integration Process Clearing Quests and MindHack Coaching.

NLP Master & Trainer since 2004, she has studied The Holigral Method, 4G NLP, Clean Language, Neuroscience, Metaphysics, Energy Psychology, Time Line, Hypnotherapy and Quantum Physics.

Specialising in The Laws of The Mind, The Biology of Belief and The Laws of The Universe, she writes and delivers transformative training and coaching programmes that work on a deep cellular, energetic & soul level.