Featured TV Show: The Two Layers of Self-Sabotage and How to Break Through Them...

With Rachael Sparks Best Selling Author


Have you been reading self-help books, watching videos and hiring coaches to help you improve your quality of life, grow your business or make a specific change … to no avail? Do you procrastinate, make excuses or get frustrated because you just can’t seem to move forward with what you know you need to do?

Then this video is for you. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The two layers of self-sabotage. How to recognize them and where they came from.
  • That you’re most likely living someone else’s life instead of your own.
  • How your brain has created a super-highway that will take you from inspiration to “traffic jam” (or being stuck). Every. Single. Time.
  • How you can peel away these two thick layers of sabotage, procrastination and getting in your own way – for good!
  • The 8-step process that allows you to live your life in flow rather than resistance.

We all self-sabotage in our way and we do this for good reasons, but often those reasons are invisible (and frustrating) to us. We try to push ourselves and force our own success only to burnout. We try to get help only to find that we won’t implement the strategies given to us. We convince ourselves that we just need more time or more resources to reach our goals, change our lives or live our dreams. We wait for the next thing to “fix” the situation and look for confirmation from outside of ourselves.

Now, you can finally uncover exactly what’s been getting in your way and remove those blocks once and for all!

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About Rachael: Rachael is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Psych-K practitioner. She is a divorced mother of two kids and has a passion for helping others lived an empowered and authentic life. After a series of tough relationships, a period of non-belief in spirituality and hitting rock bottom financially, Rachael found herself face-to-face with a choice: face her internal world or continue to suffer. She found her courage and hasn’t looked back. Deeply spiritual and living her purpose, Rachael now helps others to find their courage and live their best lives.