Featured TV Show: Life Directions

With Rhonda Cimorelli Best Selling Author

In this TV segment, Life Directions with Rhonda Cimorelli, you can capture a new perspective about how you arrived at this point in your life and the steps you can take to move forward in a positive direction.

•    Are you living a life of existence or living a life you love?

•    Discover the hidden obstacles that prevent you from reaching your fullest potential and loving your life.

•    Discover empowering questions to enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence.

•    The DREAM system works in every area of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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About Rhonda:

Rhonda is a successful Transformational Coach, happily married for 31 years and a mother of four.        

She embarked on her journey over 25 years ago with a new born, a twenty-four month old and a three and a half year old, as an independent consultant working from home. She had low self-esteem, minimal business knowledge, and lacked self confidence.  In 2009, she was ranked as a leader within the top 2% of a global company.  

This accomplishment prompted Rhonda to refine her natural skills and become Certified as a Coach, Trainer and Speaker.  Rhonda knew she was meant to share her wisdom and experience with women all-around the world.  Through trial and error, she has learned how to create balance in her life as well as the secrets for living her life without guilt or regret. In 2013, Rhonda founded her company, A Balanced Life For You LLC, hosts a podcast show by the same name and she is a co-author of The 40/40 Rules, Wisdom from 40 Women Over 40.        

Rhonda has a loving nature and an authentic presence.  Her background and experience make her an amazing presenter, program developer and coach.  She knows how to take you to where you want to go because she’s done it herself.