Moving To Excellence: A Pathway To Transformation After Grief

With Robin Chodak Best Selling Author 

  • Do you feel that you deserve more in your life?
  • Are you stuck because of grief or other blockages that hold you back from achieving your desires?
  • Do you find yourself unsatisfied in many areas?
  • Would you like some excellence in your life?
  • If this is you then you have found the right place.

You will begin to discover why there are many reasons why you are not living an excellent life.

Have you tried many methods in the past but they didn’t change your life? This book will give you a fresh new perspective. It shatters the myths about grief that may have held you hostage and it shares some secrets and insights into the TET approach. It is an approach that Robin discovered as she struggled to survive the suicide of her former husband in 2005. She experienced the dark night of the soul, processed her grief and now has excellence in her life. She has packaged everything she discovered into her TET (Think Excellent Thoughts) approach.

This teaching segment will begin to challenge your beliefs and empower you to begin to think differently about yourself. You will learn that you only need two things to achieve excellence. They are not just reserved for those who are wealthy or have never experienced hardships in their life. Excellence is for you! Don’t delay, begin your journey today of living an excellent life.

This pathway that can ultimately lead to your transformation just as it did for Robin. Through her grief, life, and spiritual coaching she helps others discover that they too can live a life of excellence.