The Aha! Moment: How To Get Maximum Results With The Least Amount Of Effort

With Sherine Ann Lovegrove Best Selling Author 

Relapsing back into our old ways is a very familiar story for many of us who try to change problematic behaviours. Recent discoveries in neuroscience have explained how relapses happen and the ICAN Model is a breakthrough in the field of personal change because, for the first time we have simple tools to work with your natural brain processes, to take control of your mental state, so that those relapses are a thing of the past.

In this segment you will begin to learn:

  • How to use your brain’s in-built mechanisms to overcome the three natural barriers to change so that changes you choose to make, stick permanently. This is what the ICAN Model is all about, harnessing the way that the brain naturally likes to work so that the change process is relatively easy and effortless to do.
  • The neuroscience of change focuses on the chemistry of AHA Moments. 
  • AHA Moments are known to cause life changes so that we suddenly, in one moment, have a huge impetus to change.  Indeed, chemically induced AHA Moments are now being successfully used in the therapeutic treatment of addictions. 
  • The ICAN Model uses the same brain chemistry and takes you through a simple process to generate AHA Moments naturally to spontaneously change behaviours.

Sherine has shared her unique story throughout her book as a framework so that you can easily identify and map you experiences onto the ICAN sequence of steps. She has provided practical exercises and additional insights to help steer you towards generating your own Aha Moments. Last, she shows that openness, vulnerability, compassion and a willingness to expose one’s self is a powerful tool for any transformational process to happen.