Featured TV Show: Beautifully Changed - The 2 Step Method That Unlocks Happiness In Your Relationship

With Stephanie Parejamaas Best Selling Author

Relationships can fill us up or drain us entirely. I believe we can all have amazing relationships that fill us up and add to a phenomenal life. Especially when we follow these two steps. This free TV Segment allows us to dive into what the steps are, why they matter, and start applying them to our lives. Let’s unlock the happiness in your relationship.

Stephanie is a successful Relationship and Personal Development Coach, happily married, mother of one, and loving life.

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About Stephanie:

She went into coaching with a vision to assist people in creating the relationships and life that they want. This includes getting relationships back to where they once were, including the relationship with yourself. She uses tools that she has learned through her education, work and life experiences and that she has witnessed make a difference in the matters of the heart.

 Stephanie has her Bachelor Degree in Health and Human Development, a Masters in Advanced Study of Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Holistic Wellness Practitioner.  She is a Certified Family Life Educator and has a private practice offering relationship and personal development coaching sessions and packages.