Featured TV Show: Got balance? If your answer is NO, then this TV segment is for you!  

With Stephenie Gettier Best Selling Author

Are you dealing with high demands or unrealistic expectations from your work, your family, and/or your friends? Are you are feeling overwhelmed because there is simply not enough time in your day to wrangle your personal or professional life demands while conserving enough ‘you-time’ to enjoy the things that matter the most?  

  • If there is a lack of balance that is taking a toll on your mental, physical, emotional and/or psychological health…
  • If you really want to live instead of just exist in this world…
  • If you desire a purpose-filled and meaningful life...

…you have stumbled upon the right tool!

The guide provided in this video will help you identify all the factors in your world that are robbing you of your God-given life. The tools and techniques shared in this teaching segment will direct you down the path to becoming the person you were meant to be and will help you live the life you always dreamed of.

Specifically, this teaching segment will help you to:

  • Understand the underlying causes for why you have not achieved balance in your life.
  • Identify what areas are out of balance and isolate those contributing factors.
  • Achieve and maintain balance using simple tools and techniques.
  • Discover your passion and purpose.

About Stephenie Gettier:

Stephenie Gettier is a Certified Health/Life Coach and author who specializes in helping corporations and individuals increase their bottom line by addressing areas of imbalance.  With 25 years in the accounting and management field and having first-hand experience with a life that was anything but balanced, she knows how to help others achieve health and happiness, personally and professionally.

Stephenie has a great deal of experience in many aspects of life. Personally, she has dealt with abuse, health issues, financial burdens, divorce, professional struggles and broken family issues. Professionally, her strong accounting and business management background have equipped her with the skills to access the state of a business and their workforce and establish processes to get the organization healthy as a whole.  Her experience allows her to more easily relate to your struggles and assist you in finding lasting results that work!

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