Featured TV Show: Stop Chasing Time; Choose Quality Time

with Tanya Adams Best Selling Author

  • A practical guide that takes you from stress, disconnect and fighting the flow of life to freedom and joy!
  • A world of goals, deadlines and 24-hour society come with a price; stress is one of the “black dogs” of today’s world.
  • As we move away from the natural rhythms of our bodies and nature, there is a disconnect and inner depth that is lost.
  • Nature and being in nature is still one of the greatest healers, some say the biggest healer we have.
  • Tanya Adams introduces the viewer to natural cycles and seasons that we live with every day, and their gestures and meanings and how these echo throughout our lives.
  • By connecting and understanding them, they can change how we perceive life; bringing profound reconnection and guidance to de-stress, ability to roll with the ebb and flow of life and make better decisions.