Featured TV Show: A Sacred Rebel Rising

With Tara Fournier Best Selling Author

A Sacred Rebel is someone who listens to their intuition and decides to veer off the path of what everyone considers normal, and forge a new one with clarity, understanding and conscious awareness.  However, how do we do this?  Sacred Rebel challenges you to take a deeper look into your own belief system and recognize what is not yours to believe any longer.  Sacred Rebel shares insights on how our mind and our thoughts control our inner and outer worlds and provides steps to take in order to live your life with clarity and connection.  You’ll learn that it’s imperative to trust your intuition, and that you are safe to make choices, create healthy boundaries, and forge your own path of self discovery!  Become your own Sacred Rebel!

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About Tara: Tara Fournier is an author, speaker, spiritual mentor, and Empowering Life Coach for women. Tara guides us to connect with our intuition, she calls Spirit Talk, find the courage to question everything we’ve been conditioned to believe, and strip away all that no longer serves our greater good.  She assists us in finding our inner power, and owning it!