How Do You Take Your Happy?: How To Unlock What You Need So You Can Be Happier

With Zahra Karsan Best Selling Author 

Most of us go through life feeling a bit tired, a bit unhappy, a bit dissatisfied, without fully understanding why. We all strive to be focused, productive, energized, the best we can be ... and yet most days it’s a struggle. So what's missing? What's missing is that we never had a guide for how to define our needs so that we could be our most energized, most vibrant selves. We didn’t come equipped with an easy set of tools to create a life that was both exciting and meaningful.

Listen.... we are wired to stay in our comfort zone, where it's safe and where we don't have to take risks. But isn't it when you open yourself up and go beyond that you feel the most alive?! We experience glimpses of that feeling and yet, getting it to last from one day to the next seems to be our biggest challenge. So how do we do it? In How do you TAKE YOUR HAPPY, Zahra begins to take you through her no nonsense approach to reducing the stress in your life so you can have more of what you want and less of what you don't. Her easy 30 day action plan will have you making small changes for maximum impact. 30 days may sound like a big ask, but it takes this long to build new habits and new neural pathways so that you can rewire yourself for happiness and success.

WARNING: If you listen to this teaching segment, you will begin to find yourself feeling happier, more at peace, more connected and more alive! Life is short! Isn't it time you started living a life you're proud of? Isn't today the day you get to choose a life that excites you?