Featured TV Show: Freedom Flow Happiness:  Be Free from Negative Beliefs, Behaviours and Patterns And Live Your Joyful Life

With Jennifer Evans Best Selling Author

Today so many people are seeking a better way to live, we are waking up and wanting more from life. Fed up with feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed, living the same day, day in day out.  Feeling trapped, stuck, not knowing which way to turn.  We know there must be more to life!

You want more freedom, happiness, and experience more flow and ease in your life, more balance, energy and love. But you aren’t sure what that looks like, where to begin or how to make it happen. You know it’s possible, you see other people living it, so why not you? 

If you are curious, looking for answers, or want to connect with someone who has the expertise and knowledge to guide, empower and inspire you, I invite you to watch my brief talk…

It is my intention to inspire and show you that it is possible for you to have a better life.  A joyful life, filled with happiness, freedom, flow and love. I will give you insight, as well as raise and answer some big questions.  Give you tools to release, stress, anxiety and worry within minutes. Using my proven ARCS method you will gain an understanding of what blocks you from having the life you desire, what key areas to focus on and how you can transform your life into a life you love.

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About Jennifer:

Jennifer Evans founder and creator of her business, ZenJen, is a Transformational Coach, #3 Best Selling Author, Public Speaker and Reiki Master. She has been mentored and coached by some of the Top Experts, Authors and Spiritual Masters, for Transformational growth.

With over 10 years of experience assisting clients with their well-being and transformation, providing coaching, workshops and holistic therapies. 

Jenny lives with her partner and 3 dogs and has created her Joyful Life. She is truly passionate about inspiring and empowering others to do the same.