Featured TV Show: The Power of One - How Choosing Civility Can Change Your Life

With Lew Bayer Best Selling Author

“Civility is its own reward”, this is the mantra Dr. Lew Bayer has built her business and life around for the past 23 years. In choosing civility, Lew and her team which encompasses close to 300 affiliates in 43 countries, have experienced the power of civility first-hand, but for others, it is difficult to choose civility because they either don’t know what civility really is, or they haven’t experienced the life-changing impact of civility.

In this book, the goal was to gather together aspects of civility which I understand to be powerful in the choosing of them.

If you define civility as we do at Civility Experts Inc., you will understand how each of the nine aspects below are necessarily become part of who you are and how you live and interact with others.

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Civility Is:

  • A conscious awareness of the impact of one’s thoughts, actions, words and intentions on others; combined with,
  • A continuous acknowledgement of one’s responsibility to ease the experience of others (e.g., through restraint, kindness, non-judgment, respect, and courtesy); and...
  • A consistent effort to adopt and exhibit civil behaviour as a non-negotiable point of one’s character.

One Underpinning Value - When we choose civility as a core personal value, and when we define it in a way that is measurable, we necessarily incorporate several other related values. Civility serves as a foundational value that directs our attitude, decision-making and behaviour such that describing and delineating many other values is not necessary.

One Story - The sharing of and listening to our stories is “social communion™”. By engaging in this act of fellowship, we come to understand how at an energetic and spiritual level we’re all connected.

One Decision - Every decision we make impacts someone or something in some way. We each have the power, every day, to be a positive or a negative influence on the world around us.

One Mission - There is power in having a clear purpose, an undertaking, something you am aiming for, and committed to achieving.

One Gift - Every life is valuable and created with a specific purpose and gift. Each of us has the power to be a positive contributor to the world through our own gifts, and each of us has an obligation to support others in the development of their gifts.

One Moment of Courage - Choosing civility requires courage. We each have the power to draw on our inner strength and exhibit courage e.g., making hard choices, standing up for what is right- just because it is right, and doing whatever we can to ease the experience of others.

One Small Kindness - One word, one minute of attention, one act of generosity, one second chance…the opportunities for kindness are endless and even the smallest kindness has the power to change the course of another person’s day, and even his/her life.

In this TV excerpt, Dr. Lew Bayer gives one example of the power of oneONE STORY.

Every day, each of us has the opportunity to connect by sharing our own stories and listening to the stories of others. Engaging in this way fosters compassion, human-kindness, and socio-emotional capacity. In this short presentation called "The way of Immaculee" - Dr. Lew Bayer shares how she was compelled to change the way she leads and lives after hearing another woman's story about tolerance, resilience, and forgiveness.

We hope you enjoy the learning offered in the TV segment and then join Dr. Lew Bayer to continue your learning about The Power of One by signing up for The Power of One Bootcamp….Choosing Civility can change your life!

About Lew :

For almost 20 years Dr. Lew Bayer has been internationally recognized as a leading civility expert. With a focus on social intelligence and culturally-competent communication, the team at Civility Experts – which includes 278 affiliates in 42 countries has supported 100’s of organizations in building better workplaces. In addition to her role as CEO of multinational civility training group Civility Experts Inc.

Lew was recently recognized at World Civility Day for her contributions in the field of civility with a Community Civility Counts Award, and she was recently nominated for Women of Distinction as well as the RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the year. She was previously awarded Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur in International Business and she was the first Canadian to receive the prestigious AICI International Civility Star Award.