Featured TV Show: Change Your Life, Lose Weight

With Rachel Lajoie Best Selling Author

From thought leader Rachel Lajoie, a transformative new vision for the way we reach and maintain our ideal weight that teaches us the power of self-love. 

Every day around the globe, people struggle to eat foods that are good for their bodies, even though they greatly desire to lose weight and feel confident in their body.  We blame ourselves and our lack of willpower for not being able to stick to simple diet plans. 

Change Your Life, Lose Weight looks at the real cause behind why most diets fail, and how eating foods that don’t do you any good is actually fulfilling a need—providing you with feel-good feelings and helping you to take the edge off when you are stressed, overextended, and dealing with difficult emotions.  Rachel Lajoie takes you on a healing journey to uncover a better way to fulfill those needs through the step-by-step approach of The Whole7 Method.  Along the way, you will discover your true desires, your gifts, and what it actually means to love yourself.

 Through engaging and colorful narratives, practical exercises, and a good dose of wisdom, Lajoie helps you heal your relationship with food, eat healthy with more ease, and live a life you love! 

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About Rachel:

Rachel Lajoie, NBC-HWC, is a speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and Mind-Body Health Coach, who helps people naturally maintain their ideal body weight and live a life they love.  Rachel has been interested in diet and exercise from a young age and ran for NCAA in college.  However, while earning her masters in astrophysics Rachel developed an eating disorder, which taught her to start looking at well-being as a whole.  Rachel coaches clients 1-on-1, runs workshops, and speaks for the Johns Hopkins University Work Life and Engagement program.